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Difficult paths lead

to beautiful destinations


Through his immersion in various cultures, ideologies, religions, spiritual approaches and natural therapies, Claudio emphasizes the priority of cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves and with others as well as with life all around us.

Claudio Lamsa has been a certified Life Coach since 2008 specializing in relationships. He has also been a Holistic Healing practitioner certified in Touch For Health/Kinesiology, Nutrition Counseling and Qi Gong since 2005.

The Story


Claudio Lamsa was born in Switzerland, of a Swiss-German mother and an Angolan father. He spent his first years in Angola, where a civil war was raging. At the age of 8, the impact of the war caused his mother to exit the country with him and his two siblings, leaving his father behind to continue his fight for an independent and sovereign Angola. The theme of human reconciliation and liberation was always present in his family, first religiously with his two grandfathers being pastors, then politically and economically. His paternal grandfather fought against colonization and got crucified by the settlers. His father fought against post-colonization in the first Angolan government after independence and passed away after a sacrificial life for his nation and its people.

At the age of 19, after the loss of his father, Claudio departed for humanitarian work in Burkina Faso where he helped to build a school in the capital city Ouagadougou. On his return to Switzerland, he created his first organization, UniPartage, supporting African students win scholarships to study in Swiss universities. The first student from Burkina Faso arrived in Switzerland after a few months and is now a Director of Laboratory Research in an internationally known perfume company. At that time, Claudio was studying medicine at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. There he founded and was elected as president of his second organization, Anima-L. It was the first student organization in the country for the implementation of alternative methods in animal experimentation. He advocated for the possibility of conscientious objection in relation to animal dissection. This lead him to part ways from conventional medical studies so that he could pursue his quest of human liberation from suffering. "We were taught everything about diseases and war against pathogen factors but not enough about increasing health and peace with all components of life", he adds.


After receiving the Christian confirmation in Switzerland and Taizé, Claudio started a journey into a spiritual quest spending years travelling throughout the world, learning all types of natural healing techniques, and serving as a disciple of spiritual teachers. He practiced meditation and yoga in ashrams in India and studied qi gong in France and in Nepal. In addition, he served as a monk in zen monasteries in Japan where he walked a 900-mile pilgrimage alone in complete silence to break his inner barriers and heal his inner pain. Claudio's commitment to achieving inner peace through renunciation of the world and through connection to the true essence of reality for 10 years finally came to a full turn; this happened during one of his introspective states which turned into 3 months of complete silence. Alone in a hut by the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, he felt "reconciled" by "melting with God’s Grace". At that moment, "The Grace" guided him to rejoin the world rather than reject it.

Following this new direction of immersing himself in society, Claudio became a husband, a father and followed a professional career of social entrepreneurship in Africa. He founded a company of solar-energy-based water purification systems for villages in rural areas and was the representative of the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action in Angola. The country is ranked as the second most landmine contaminated in the world. This is a consequence of three decades of civil war during which half a million people were killed. Despite all of his efforts to effect change, as well as meeting with governors and ministers, Claudio was faced with the difficulties of implementing ecological, sustainable and social-oriented solutions and did witness a lot of injustice, corruption, poverty, pain and sorrow around him. Nevertheless, he and his wife continued to hope by doing charity work and by adopting their youngest daughter from a local orphanage. They started fundraising to benefit the orphanage.

Through his immersion in various cultures (five languages), ideologies, religions, spiritual approaches and natural therapies, Claudio emphasizes the priority of cultivating healthy relationships with ourselves and with others as well as with life all around us. Healthy relationships impact our wellbeing, our engagement in the world and our soul's journey on this planet and maybe even beyond. Reconcile With Life is the fruit of his work.


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