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Men's Circle

in a Salt Cave


The Purpose

The purpose of these sessions is to create a space where men, from all origins, spiritual beliefs, cultural and financial backgrounds, feel safe and welcome. Here they can express what they are going through in life and what it means for them to be and act as men in this society, individually and as a group, in order to transition from their War Men condition to their Peace Men freedom. 

The Approach

After having been subjected for millennia to the dictate of men and to a patriarchal society, women are achieving their emancipation and claiming their rights for equality with men in all areas of society. Many men are left perplexed, feeling challenged and contemplating what the role is of the "new man". What is his position, his identity and his evolution in this process? What values ​​can he hold onto and which ones is he asked to abandon? During these Men's Circles, through sharing, authenticity, expression of our thoughts and feelings, we hold a space and time to connect between men. In order to get out of isolation, violence, shame and all the pain that society and our environment impose on us, we will explore on a personal as well as on an interpersonal level the condition of:


  • The Man of Yesterday (Man of War) 

  • The Man of Tomorrow (Man of Peace) 

  • The Man of Today (the transition we are in)

We explore these 3 themes through the body, emotions, thoughts and spirit and from the lenses of masculine and feminine energies/polarities.

We learn to be in harmony with all of our archetypal and worldly roles: man as a son, a brother, a friend, a lover, a colleague, a worker, a father, a grandfather, a winning and losing hero, a liked and disliked king, a protective knight, a nurturing farmer, a healer of the pain and suffering, a spiritual guide from the darkness to the light.

"We are all related and we all experience the same types of joy as well as the same types of suffering. We, as men, have been educated by our parents and by our environment to hold onto the spirit of war, through competition, agressivity, egocentrism, search of power, control and domination. It is about time for us to unlearn this destructive legacy, to emancipate ourselves from it and to reconnect with the original spirit of our being, the spirit of peace. The Peace Man brings reconciliation all around him; he stands with life-confidence and penetrates the world with the infinite love and the eternal peace that runs in his veins.”


-Claudio Lamsa
The Men's Circle helps you with...

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Confidence

  • Life as a couple

  • Parenting 

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Depression

  • Grief (divorce, separation, losing someone close to you, etc.)

  • Everything else that is related to your wellbeing as a human and to what we all have to go through in life

Ground Rules

  • Confidentiality

  • Ethical Relationships

  • Non-Violence with each other (but Anger in ourselves is welcome to be expressed) 

  • Respectful participation and no judgment of each other

Topics of the Sessions

1.   War Men vs. Peace Men

2.   Reconcile your Masculine and Feminine side

3.   Peace Men in Relationships 

4.   Peace Men Communication

5.   Sex, Bonding and Intimacy 

6.   Transform Traumas, Addictions and Obstacles into Opportunities

7.   Roles of Men throughout Life 

8.   Peace Men in Daily Society 

9.   From Self-confidence (individual hero) to Life-confidence (collective hero)

10.  We Relate therefore We Are



From War Men

to Peace Men


Click here to see the Salt Cave

*All men's circles are currently held online via zoom 

Tuesdays (biweekly)
9:00-10:00PM Eastern Time USA

Sault Haus
155 Hopewell Princeton Road
Hopewell, NJ 08525
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