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Reconcile the World

One Word could change the whole World

- Reconciliation -


Reconcile with Life supports the Sister Domingas & Friends Foundation in Angola, an orphanage from which Claudio adopted his youngest daughter.



Three decades of civil war in Angola left behind a legacy of several enduring social turmoils. A huge exodus from the countryside to the Angolan capital city, Luanda, has generated extreme poverty in the metropolis. The health and education system was basically destroyed and now there are far more orphans and abandoned children than the government can provide for.

Low-income families have inhabited the area in Viana, where the orphanage is based, since 1996. All these families came from the outlying provinces of Angola during the war and settled in the suburbs of Luanda for protection from military activity. 

Many parents leave their houses at 4 am and return after 8 pm.  Caring for the family is often left to the older sibling, even if he or she is still very young.  This means no school and much responsibility to very young children. There is little in the way of extended family support because most families were broken up during the war.

The Foundation was initiated by a group of individuals that were inspired by the incredible work that Sister Domingas has accomplished and wanted to raise awareness about her work to ensure that funding remains available for these and other projects.

OCSI-Angola or St. Isabel’s Children's Charity is the culmination of a lifetime of work by Sister Domingas.

"Today is a new day, a day when all of humanity will come together, be reconciled and love each other in one universal community of men, women and children, under the banner of love and altruism. What makes us exist is not the "I" or the "thinking", but the relationship. The old civilization based on the false maxim "I think therefore I am" came to an end. The real existence, infinite and eternal, lies on the everlasting truth of "we relate therefore we are".


We Relate Therefore We Are


We all carry the seed of well-being, sharing, ineffable joy with one another, journeying in the discovery of this world together, hand in hand, walking at the same pace and towards the same sun. This seed can sprout, and can grow into a magnificent tree of reconciled humanity. Let us ask for the Grace of Life, reconcile with ourselves, in our lives and in all our relationships. Love Life and Its Creator and love one another, with all our soul, mind, heart and body. This is the one and only way possible for World Peace. Alone we can go half way, together we can go all the way."

- Claudio Lamsa

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