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Ce service n'est pas disponible, veuillez nous contacter pour plus d'informations.

Men's Circle

Biweekly group session for men (in English)

  • 20 US dollars
  • online zoom session

Description du service

After having been subjected for millennia to the dictate of man and patriarchy, women are completing their emancipation and claiming their rights for equality with men in all areas of society. Many men are left perplexed, feeling challenged and in contemplation of what is the place of the new man. We are all related and we all experience the same types of joy as well as the same types of suffering. We, as men, have been educated by our parents and by our environment, to hold the spirit of war, through competition, aggression, egocentrism, search of power, control and domination. It is about time for us to unlearn this destructive legacy, to emancipate ourselves from it and to reconnect with the original spirit of our being, the spirit of peace. The Peace Man brings reconciliation all around him, he stands with life-confidence and penetrates the world with the infinite love and the eternal peace that runs in his veins.

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